When listening to music with headphones safest

Phone is now not entirely a communication tool, a powerful audio and video features and rich applications scalability makes it seems to have become a portable handheld computers, We go out to listen to music, Internet access and deal with some simple transactions are generally only carry cell phones would be sufficient. Indeed most young people now also use the phone to listen to, because most of the phone’s music features no less poor than ordinary MP3 and MP4, meet the general use is completely adequate. So with phone headset or MP3 headphones listening to music in young people has become a popular, on the bus, the subway, on the street …everywhere. But do not know what crisis behind the enjoy.
◆ A British research shows that long wearing cheap beats headphones listening to music, can lead to deafness 30 years ahead of the arrival. Urban white-collar high incidence of sudden deafness, most caused due to too frequent use of headphones; “Enjoy” to “destroy”, “headset family,” be careful. Earphone headset best selection is over-ear headphones, for hearing damage to be smaller.
◆ wearing beats dre headphones listening to music, the volume should not exceed 60% of the maximum volume, continuous listening time should not exceed 60 minutes. Human ear is an important sensory organs, but also a more fragile human organs. In normal life, not careful enough, the ears will be a “condition”, such as sudden deafness, otitis media, etc., affects people’s normal life. Learn more about some of the common ear disease prevention to protect the ears.

◆ scientifically proven that chewing gum when listening to music can protect the ears . Many young people like to chew gum while listening to music, although it looks somewhat indecent, but the ENT experts believe that wearing headphones listening to music, mostly chewing gum can effectively protect hearing. Experts pointed out that, while wearing beats by dre headphones to listen to music while chewing food, can relieve the middle ear and the outside atmospheric pressure. In addition, according to a study in Taiwan pointed out that the medical profession, while wearing headphones to listen to music while chewing food, the inner ear to the sonic pressure measurement will reduce 1-3 dB, so as to achieve the effect of protecting the eardrum. From the anatomical analysis, the front wall of the external auditory canal is the temporomandibular joint, and the person wearing headphones listening to music in the chew, temporomandibular joint will pull the ear, so the ear earbuds feed volume leaked, forming sound leakage, but to protect the ears.

How to choose headphones – Professional Perspective

1, Types of headsets. Beats by dre headphone transducer means in accordance with its classification, there are Dynamic, electrostatic and other magnetic. Structurally divided into open, semi-open and closed. From formal wear, there are ear, hanging ear and headphones.
2, What’s the headset sensitivity? Popular to say, headphones sensitivity refers to the loudness of the same case, the size of the input power, the higher the sensitivity the required input power is smaller. To Walkman and other portable devices, sensitivity is a very worthy of attention indicators. Of course, for desktops, this indicator is relatively not so important.
3, The wire for the headphones sound effects. Wire affect the sound is an indisputable fact. HI-FI system in different signal cable, speaker lines are significantly alter the nature of the sound, the headset is certainly no exception, in recent years introduced several foreign wire, wire for the HD580 and 600 to provide the conditions for, the famous wire such as Sweden Clou and the United States Qatar.
4,Pay attention to the use of cheap beats headphones power. Currently earphone rarely used power marked the parameters, which is a little inadequate. In fact, headphones like light bulbs, and also have differences in withstand the power of the size, it will burn between 110 volt light bulb connected to 220 volt bulb, the headset is the same. Users should be noted that adaptation Walkman, Walkman battery due limits, Walkman output power is generally only a few milliwatts, so adaptation Walkman sensitivity is very high, and its power capacity also relatively low. If these headphones use the desktop CD player or on a computer using must be very aware that excessive sound headphones coil and diaphragm causes variations, causing rub circles or burned.
5, According different uses to select a different headset. The above mentioned problem is to choose the headset power aspects of headphones, For example, since Walkman with headphones, you must have high sensitivity, low impedance characteristics, of course, sounds should be better, such as the United States KOSS KSC series, PP, SP, KTXPRO and so on. Because these beats by dre high sensitivity electrode province, so power handling is very low, if the computer, sound card, and a large CD player should be used with great care, to the volume down, or otherwise damage the earphone volume. Professional headset with headphones and fever, not always suitable for professional monitoring headphones fever upon, but there are some fever headphones are often advertised themselves headphones. Computer, sound card with headphones, headset under power some of the best selection, especially computer games and Internet cafes, etc., pay attention to big to be durable power.